Family First Aid Kit

The Calm and Soothe Family First Aid Kit comes with 7 x Blends, protected in 10ml dark glass bottles, and fitted with a stainless-steel roller-ball for topical use on the skin.

BLENDS: Sore Head, Sniffles, Sore Muscles, Tummy, Anxiety, Sleep Easy and Awaken.

PLUS a velvet bag of 8 Polished Stone Chakra Healing Crystals.

The 7 individual blends are also sold separately. Prices are in UK £ (GBP) and include postage and packaging for the United Kingdom. Delivery is currently 3 – 4 working days. Prices for delivery to countries outside the UK available on request.

The Essential oils in each blend have been chosen especially to align with the particular area of the body that needs healing. Apply to the temples, forehead, pulse-points on the wrists, or to the soles of the feet.

Learn More about the Essential Oils used to create these blends

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