“Used Sleep Easy Blend for insomnia. A pure mix of oils, lovely scent, restful. Very pleasant, well made, scent-enhanced rest.”

Recommendation: SLEEP EASY BLEND by Mrs P.
Calm and Soothe Family First Aid Kit

“I have experienced insomnia for almost two decades and relying on sleeping tablets to help me sleep. I hated relying on medication that could be causing me long term health problems, and mentioned my problem to Sasha and she recommended a combination of oils. Since using the oil blend, which I rub into my wrists I have reduced my intake of tablets, and even when I wake up in the middle of the night, I rub a little more oil in, it has really helped me, so thanks Sasha x”

Recommendation: SLEEP EASY BLEND by Mrs C.

“I’ve used it occasionally, maybe three or four times a week externally, applying it on my skin where I felt discomfort and pain, which is an aching sensation around my naval area. While the oil was evaporating it gave me gentle and quick relief. Its nice smell helped me to relax. It didn’t eliminate the pain completely, and it had no effect on my bloatedness, but it worked and helped me a little.

I think the oil has more to do with me relaxing which I guess promoted pain relief, rather then actually acting as a pain relief. I would like to say a big thank you for your help and for the opportunity of trying this precious oil.”

Recommendation: TUMMY BLEND by Miss H. (Hungary)
Bloom Soothing Bath Remedies made with 100% Organic Magnesium–rich Epsom Salts
Turmeric, Black Pepper and Ginger Supplements

“The Essential Oil blend smells absolutely amazing, and definitely helps to uplift my spirits whenever I’m feeling low or having a flare up of my symptoms. I’m unsure if they help my condition but they definitely do no harm, and they feel as if they are reconnecting me with the earth, and all its goodness in some way, clearing my mind and putting a smile back on my face. The bath salts containing essential oils with my digestive blend really helped me to relax and unwind feeling calmer and giving me reassurance that the products I’m using are natural, and again benefiting my body, helping to aid my symptoms.

For me the Turmeric supplements are my most beneficial product from Bloom Healing, and something I will depend upon daily. They help to keep my colonic inflammation down, and whilst I am not yet in remission, I have noticed a great improvement since involving these supplements into my daily routine. Highly recommend for anybody needing to keep inflammation of any kind down within their body.”

Turmeric, Black Pepper and Ginger Supplements

“Used the Psoriasis natural healing blend for my skin. It was very helpful physically and emotionally. Bloom Healing…..Life Healing with natural oils…your Life is Healing.”

Recommendation: PSORIASIS BLEND by Mr A.

“Used for insomnia and anxiety, the Sleep Easy Blend rubbed on my wrists helped me to relax at night (which improved my sleep), but also during the day.

The Sleep Easy blend smells like the end of a warm relaxing summer’s afternoon in a herb garden. It puts you in the right mood for sleep.”

Recommendation: SLEEP EASY BLEND by Mrs R.
Bloom 7 Chakra Healing Collection

“I have used the product entirely on my hair. I have noticed that the product acted as a dry shampoo, and reduced scalp dandruff. Sadly, I could not notice any hair growth, but I enjoyed the scents, and the touch and feel of the product during use.

Sasha was wonderful in listening and attending to my needs. I received a quick delivery of my bespoke service, and a tailored personal service. I will highly recommend Bloom Healing to anyone looking who loves essential oils and looking for natural healing alternatives.”

Recommendation: ALOPECIA TRACKING BLEND by Miss E.
Bloom Essential Oil blends ready to be transported to a happy home

“I tested Bloom Healing Reduce Cravings Blend and the sleepy oil. I had issues with sugar cravings and also trouble sleeping. The affect of the craving buster was immediate, and I haven’t had any cravings for sugar or overeating for a month. Also my sleep is better.

I think around £20 per product is fair, as it lasts quite a long time. I think a discount for multiple purchases would be a good idea. I have re-purchased. I am happy with my purchase of the Reduce Craving Blend and Sleep oil. I have found them both to be effective and reasonable value.”

Bloom Healing at the CFCF Monthly Start Up Event #edgeoftheboxclub – Chelsea Football Stadium, Stamford Bridge

Testimonials for the quality of life coaching practice

“My coach helped me generate positive feelings within myself with respect to the relationship I have with my partner. I was experiencing some difficulties around trust and the coaching really helped anchor the things that are great about my relationship and to find ways to remind myself of these things whenever I felt doubtful. The coaching involved a good balance of past, present and future behaviours which I really appreciated as it helped me gain some clarity on the reasons behind the way I felt at the time and what I can do going forward. I feel as a result of the coaching I have more of an idea of why I sometimes feel the way I do, but more importantly, how best to deal with the feelings when they arise” Ms N. Gateshead

“From the first meeting with Sasha, I was very impressed with how insightful and challenging her questions were. She made me look at my ‘old problem’ from a completely different perspective and helped me find solutions that are right for me. During our sessions Sasha continued her questioning, which along with her attentive listening, care and desire to help, made a big difference. Thanks to Sasha’s great coaching I was able to look at my life, and my approach to relationships from a different angle, and work out the steps to achieve what I want. Thank you Sash! I’m really looking forward to continuing our coaching together.”  Ms I. London

“Sasha has a warm, reassuring, confident, supportive approach. Her voice is well modulated and empathetic in tone. She explained her nature of coaching, and that it was distinct from other interventions, such as counselling. She recapped progress at the start of each session, and confirmed direction of the sessions by appropriate referencing to my goals. A very positive experience.” Mr T. London

“Sasha helped me to set up very effective and realistic action plans that enabled me to achieve my career and business objectives within set time scales as well as balance my work-life schedule.  Sasha, through her amazing questioning techniques inspired my thought processes.  This effectively led to increasing my motivation and strengthening my will power in order to achieve set goals. I would highly recommend Sasha’s coaching services to everyone who would like to fully unlock their potential in order to succeed in their business or personal life.” Miss S. London

“After two sessions with Sasha I had a plan, I was motivated, and I ticked off all of my actions ahead of schedule. Sasha’s coaching was great for me – she got me motivated, focused and organised in just two sessions, and as a result I have made great strides towards achieving my goal. Her style is challenging (in a good way), and very positive and supportive”  Ms H. Richmond Upon Thames

“Working with my coach, Sasha Wallace has had a very positive impact on me. I am more focused as I have clearly identified my goals, and the steps I need to take to achieve them. The main benefit of having a coach is the support, someone to talk to who is not judgemental. I would definitely recommend the services of Sasha as she really has assisted me in reaching my goals particularly in streamlining my studies.” Ms H. Streatham