Exclusive BROCHURE download for ESA industry space days. 7 & 8 December 2021.

Blueprint design and specification for the R.O.S.S.I. BLOOM MOONRAKER

Reusable Orbital Spacecraft System Intelligence (R.O.S.S.I.)

Item of note for exhibition members is the NEW Space Medicine R & D Wing (Turquoise). This illustrates how the SPACE MEDICINE RESEARCH PROJECT fits into the Bloom Enterprise model.

To register your interest as a participant in the SPACE MEDICINE RESEARCH PROJECT, please send an email to Sasha at Bloom Healing.

Email: bloomhealing22@gmail.com

This proposed study will look at the uses and results of testing a Plant Medicine therapy (specifically: 100% Essential Oils. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade – CPTG®) to improve physical, emotional and mental health outcomes with volunteer members of NASA, and ESA, and other aviation and aeronautics industry personnel, and its potential role to offer long-term health benefits and sustainability as a complementary branch of Space Medicine.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for your continued support!