deTOX your Life

1) What household items do you buy on a regular or monthly basis?

  • E.g. your skin-care, oral care and the family bathing routine
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Items for your first-aid cabinet
  • Fresh herbs, spices and oils for your kitchen cooking counter
  • What about your cleaning regime under the sink?
2) What do you really know about the ingredients listed on labels from your local supermarket, or your community grocery store?

Are you aware that additives, preservatives, E-numbers, synthetic chemicals and other harmful toxins are present in our weekly food and household shopping, in the vitamins we take, the products we wash with, the products we use on our skin and hair, and even in our toothpaste.

3) in which area do you want a deeper insight into the products influencing your health?
  • Your environment
  • Your home
  • Your children
  • Your pets
  • Your food?
4) Would you re-consider the shopping choices you make, if you knew there were effective and safer natural alternatives available?

This also extends to Essential Oils for your home. If you’re already buying these items, how confident are you in their provenance, quality, and safety for your health? Do the ones you buy show a quality mark CPTG® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, or Tested Grade?

5) Are you looking to spend your HARD-EARNED MONEY more wisely, and have those essential items (i.e. the ones that run out), delivered direct to your door?

“Well, who isn’t really?” 😊

6) Do you need A Personal Wellbeing Mentor?

Someone who is there, someone who cares, someone who will push you to be your best, every time you can be?


When you join the deTOX your Life Programme, you get exclusive access to me, Sasha Wallace, as your Personal Wellbeing Mentor, and I bring to you my extensive experience within the wonderful world of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils. We’ll look at your lifestyle and co-create a ‘Wellbeing Action Plan’ together. I’ll help you set up your online dōTERRA Wholesale Customer account (and be on hand for advice) and then you can simply sit back, and allow the magical benefits of nature to nurture the health of you and your family.

8) Can we give you, as a HUGE THANK YOU for investing in us, some amazing benefits? SUCH AS….
  • Wholesale prices on everything – 25% lower than the retail price
  • Loyalty Reward Points
  • FREE shipping credits
  • FREE Essential Oils
  • Monthly discounted deals and bundles not available to retail customers
  • The opportunity to build a business
  • And what we care about most, the VITAL EDUCATION for you and your family, that we want to share?
9) Are you looking for a more relaxed working week?
  • WHEN you get to work from home
  • WHERE you get to share your passions
  • BEING whatever and whoever you want to be
  • DOING something rewarding and wholesome
  • HAVING a positive effect on others? 😌
10) Do you need the soothing aromas of nature’s ANCIENT WISDOM to help you off to sleep at night?

If ANY of the above questions resonate with you, please click below to find the answers you are seeking…….