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I’m excited to share that my Holistic Health Coaching Practice now reflects my growing passion for natural therapy, aromatherapy and Essential Oils. Through my research into wellbeing, plant medicine, and ancient health practices, I’ve discovered the wonderful world of ‘dōTERRA Essential Oils’, and embedded a complimentary medicine arm into my activities.

dōTERRA means “Gift from the Earth” in Latin

dōTERRA believe in creating co-impact sourcing initiatives with the farming families who possess the ancient, generational wisdom of, and connection to, the land, the plants and the trees, The dōTERRA Source To You Programme, and dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, are developing Essential Oil magic with local communities in over 49 countries worldwide.

Every time you purchase with dōTERRA the proceeds are fed back into the co-impact sourcing initiatives, making a vital difference to the indigenous communities we work with.

From a technicolour rainbow of over 100 CPTG Essential Oils…imagine Lavender, Wild Orange, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang ….you can enjoy their aromatic scents in a myriad of ways:

  • Diffused as a cool mist around the home, or car, or office, to suit whatever needs you have
  • Topically, i.e. applied to the skin, generally blended with a moisturising carrier oil
  • Breathed in from the hands, applied to the pulse points, temples and soles of the feet
  • Added to cooking oils, baking and beverages for their pungent and potent health benefits
  • Used in massage for powerful, lasting relief for sore joints/muscles, and overall pampering
  • Aids sleep, wellbeing, positivity, emotional balance, grounding, focus for study/meditation, immune support, cellular repair, and release from both physical and emotional pain
dōTERRA have now woven these romantic aromas into a range of stimulating and soothing natural creations to support our wellness and our environment, including:
  • home care and natural cleaning products
  • fluoride-free toothpaste and mouthwash
  • protection from environmental threats
  • vitamin supplements designed for men, women, and children
  • an essential oil collection developed for children and young people
  • support with cellular energy & repair, and sore muscles & joints, for athletes
    • <3
  • Anchor, Align and Arise; a unique collection for use in yoga and meditation
  • emotional balance, tummy support and digestive health for all ages
  • respiratory health during the changing seasons
  • PLUS an array of youthful beauty skin-care products, relaxing bath and spa treatments, massage oils, body creams, and a full hair-care range

Please note: This programme includes enrolment to a dōTERRA wholesale customer account, and orders are set to auto-ship monthly. You will manage your own account and place your own monthly orders, on an easy-to-use online system. There is no monthly order required, and you can cancel anytime.



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The dōTERRA ethos is about working in partnership, to foster and co-create:

  • business and community development
  • ethical and sustainable working conditions
  • investment and growth of a system of fair trade – to protect farmers from exploitation
  • access to education and opportunities, for all generations, to have a greater quality of life
  • sourcing oils where they thrive best, in the ideal light, water and soil conditions, ensures the highest effectiveness of the oil being produced
  • commitment to quality and purity throughout the entire distillation process

dōTERRA Oils all meet the CPTG standard before they are put in to your hands. CPTG stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. There are many oils available on the market that are mixed with synthetic fillers and other toxins that do not meet this standard, that can cause a bad reaction in the body, and yet it isn’t always clear on the label. An indication of a ‘synthetic’ low grade oil, is one that states. “NOT TO BE INGESTED”. or “DO NOT APPLY NEAT TO THE SKIN.” This is a worrying fact of life about the Essential Oils industry, especially for people like us, who deliberately go out of our way to find pure, natural products. However we cannot avoid this, so always be clear about what you’re buying. It’s important to check the labels.

It makes me doubly assured then, to invest in a producer of Essential Oils that I can trust, and that I can professionally vouch for with my clients, for their quality, effectiveness, and appropriate usage. In contrast to the above, most of the dōTERRA Essential Oils are entirely safe for using in cooking and beverages, (with some precautions, of course), and can offer additional benefits when ingested. One drop of either Lemon, Wild Orange, Lime or Grapefruit Essential Oil in a glass of water (mineral water or water from boiling) makes for a cleansing and uplifting morning detox.

These oils have been rigorously tested and approved as safe to use (in smaller dosages) with babies, children and animals. This organisation offer an unparalleled commitment to quality in the aromatherapy world, which is why dōTERRA are the only brand of Essential oils that I use in my Bloom Healing range, and that I would recommend as a practitioner.


When you commit to the ‘Detox your Life Programme’ you will gain Exclusive Access to me, Sasha Wallace, as your Personal Wellbeing Mentor, across 4 scheduled consultations, and open access via email for queries and advice. If you’re joining as a ‘Wellness Consultant’, to resell our products and earn commission, you’ll receive additional on-going support from me to help you grow your business.

In order to retain my services as a consultant on your journey, I charge £55 (GBP) upfront, as a one off cost. This payment is required in advance of your first consultation. When you consider that my hourly rate for coaching is £99, this represents a great deal of value, PLUS I guarantee to be on hand by email, whenever you need me. This service cannot be used to access reduced rate coaching sessions.


  • Consultation 1: (30 minutes) Wellbeing check up and questionnaire to discuss your lifestyle, and your family’s needs.
  • Consultation 2: (30 minutes) A Recommendation from me about which enrolment kit is most appropriate for your needs, and a proposed ‘rotating order schedule’, and set-up of your online monthly dōTERRA auto-ship account.
  • You choose your 1st box of these very special Essential Oils and products!! This is a box you purchase from our Enrolment collection, based on a tailor-made plan for your wellbeing, and your needs around home and family, plus any additional recommendations that you have chosen to take forward.
  • You manage your rotating monthly orders, and test the products you’ve chosen as you go along, introducing them into your routine day by day, and making adjustments as you see fit, to your own personal preference. My recommendations are simply a helpful guide to get you going. You’ve got this!
  • Consultation 3: (45 minutes) A 6 month review of your lifestyle since incorporating dōTERRA into your home, and covering changes and improvements to your health, comparing your satisfaction now (at 6 months) with your initial wellbeing questionnaire.
  • Consultation 4: (1 hour) A complete 12 month overview, to assess your health goals, and your progress, and to explore new ways that dōTERRA, and/or Bloom Healing, can support your on-going needs.


  • Access to all products at wholesale prices – 25% lower than retail price
  • Access to the Loyalty Reward Programme (LRP), where everything you buy increases the points in your account, and you redeem these points to choose FREE dōTERRA products
  • Monthly discounted offers, product bundles and deals, that are not available to retail customers
  • A FREE Product of the Month, when your monthly LRP order meets 125 points
  • FREE shipping credits
  • Orders delivered direct to your door, normally within 3 working days
  • An incredible IT helpdesk, and customer service team at dōTERRA, as well as email/phone support from me when no-one else is free to help
  • Education about natural therapies, advice on wellbeing and health strategies, and early-bird access to special offers on Bloom Healing products and services
  • Resources and downloads about aromatherapy, including The Complete Essential Earth Oracle Wisdom Deck
  • Regular updates about our exciting partnerships with the ‘Healing Hands Foundation’ and our co-impact ‘Source To You’ Initiatives

Please note: This programme includes enrolment to a dōTERRA wholesale customer account, and orders are set to auto-ship monthly. You will manage your own account and place your own monthly orders, on an easy-to-use online system. There is no monthly order required, and you can cancel anytime.e a closer look at the types of dōTERRA Essential Oils and products arriving at your door.




Youthful Beauty Skin-Care
Kid’s Essential Oil Collection
Relieve and Revive Kit
Top 10 Family Essentials and Beadlets Enrolment Kit
Athletes and Fitness Care Kit
AromaTouch Enrolment Kit