Calm and Soothe Blends 123

All blends are developed exclusively using dōTERRA Essential Oils. All earthly remedies are created with completely natural base materials. All products are packaged and posted with eco-friendly materials, as far as is possible.
Bloom Healing Natural Medicines are all handmade with love, in my home workshop near Richmond Park in London. Taking the due care and attention required with the natural base materials I’m working with, I’ve spent the past 3 years researching plant medicine, and foraging through nature’s own medicine cabinet. I have explored a range of natural therapies including sound-healing, crystal and colour healing, chakra-balancing, gardening, eco-therapy, art-therapy, meditation, and aromatherapy and essential oils, and I have joyfully incorporated these wonders of Earth’s ancient wisdom into my Holistic Health and Coaching Practice.