Anime Art House Japan


The Bloom Healing Wellbeing platform is delighted to launch a new showcase and exciting new partnership with a Fab Anime & Art products company in Japan!

You are directly supporting Bloom Healing when you use our SPECIAL AFFILIATE LINK to purchase these cult items!!

Check out these model figures of your favourite Feminine and Masculine avatars, and bag them for your Anime collection!! We feel these model figures are much more empowering in this Brave New World than outdated Barbie and Ken!!

There are so many childhood favourites of mine to be found here (and adulthood favourites too), including submarine build-model-sets, computer games & consoles, model cars, and ornamental figures that will look awesome in your display cabinet, or for real-life gaming and play.

Scroll through to find your favourite characters from Gundam, DragonBall, Disney, Pokemon, SHFiguarts, and many more. Click on the ITEM IMAGE to view the full description. This is a small selection of the ones we liked most and you can find 1000’s more on their website.

Please click on the PURCHASE BUTTON below, and this will activate the affiliate link and take you through to the full site catalogue.


Prices and shipping costs are listed on the main catalogue site where you can choose your currency and check they deliver to your country before placing your order.

Important: When purchasing PC/Console games and DVDs/Blu-Ray, check that the operating system is compatible in your region/country before buying.

Even if the region code is the same, if the video format is different, it will not play.
For example, Europe’s region code is the same as Japan’s region 2, but the video format is PAL, not NTSC, so it cannot be played.

Video and DVD formats are divided by region as follows

NTSC: Japan, USA, Canada
PAL: UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, China, Spain, etc.
SECAM: France, Russia, Eastern European countries, etc.

The company does not accept returns due to playback problems with region codes or video systems.